Character position definition and scope:

The Date entered on file contains a computer-generated, six-character numeric string that indicates the date the MARC record was first created.  The date is recorded in the pattern yymmdd (yy for the year, mm for the month, and dd for the day).

The date entered on file in 008/00-05 is never changed.  However, the date and time of latest transaction information in field 005 changes each time a transaction is made to the record.  The latest transaction information enables an organization handling more than one version of a record to identify the most current version.

The fill character ( | ) is not allowed in any of these positions.

National-level and Minimal-level record requirements for positions 008/00-05 for all types of material are Mandatory.

Validity by material type:  Valid for all types.

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Input conventions:

Field 008/00-05 is usually system generated.

Related MARC field or document:

005  Date and Time of Latest Transaction

See also:

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