Character position definition and scope:

These five character positions are undefined for Visual materials.  Each contains a blank or fill character.

Record requirements for National-level and Minimal-level records:  Optional.

Content designator history:

Codes 0 (No) and 1 (Yes) are obsolete.  [USMARC only]

Prior to 1980, character positions 23-27 were positionally defined (23 - Stills; 24 - Script material; 25 - Posters; 26 - Press books; and 27 - Other).  Each position contained a status code 0 or 1 to indicate the absence or presence of the type of material.  In 1980, specific codes were defined for types of accompanying material and 008/23-27 were restructured to contain as many as five codes.

Character positions 23-27 were made obsolete in 1997.  The defined codes were:  # (No accompanying matter), l (Stills), m (Script material), o (Posters), p (Pressbooks), q (Lobby cards), r (Instructional materials), s (Music), and z (Other).

008/23  Form of item  [obsolete, 1997]  [CAN/MARC only]:  The defined codes were:  # (None of the following), a (Microfilm), b (Microfiche), and c (Microopaque).  Code z (Other) was obsolete.

008/24-27  Accompanying material  [obsolete, 1997]  [CAN/MARC only]:  The defined codes were:  # (No accompanying material), a (Language material - printed), c (Music - printed), d (Diorama), e (Map - printed), f (Filmstrip), g (Game), h (Microform), i (Sound recording - nonmusical), j (Sound recording - musical), k (Picture), l (Machine-readable data file), m (Motion picture), n (Chart), o (Flash card), p (Microscope slide), q (Model), r (Realia), s (Slide), t (Transparency), v (Videorecording), and z (Other).

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