LCCNs:  (050 Library of Congress Call Number - Input Conventions)

When the call number field consists only of a class number (letters followed by numbers, possibly including a period and also a space), no subfield $b is used.


050  00  $aQA37

050  00  $aE525.5 123d

The general rule is that the item number part of the call number begins at the last capital letter in the call number or the period, if present, preceding it.


050  00  $aHF5549.5.R44$bM35

Exceptions to the general rule for item numbers:

If the call number is followed by only a date, with no Cutter number, the date is contained in subfield $b.


050  00  $aE457.92$b 1967

If the call number is followed by volume numbering that includes uppercase letters, these letters are ignored in locating the last capital letter.


050  00  $aJX1977$b.A2 St/ESA/35

050  00  $aHA1501$bA, Nr. 615

050  00  $aHD28$b.Y555 vol. 55 Suppl.

If the call number begins with CS71, subfield $b contains the date.


050  00  $aCS71.C323$b 1977

If the call number is for a classification schedule (i.e., it is a call number beginning with Z696.U5), the class letter(s) for the particular classification and any following digit(s) are recorded in subfield $a (as part of the classification).  Subfield $b contains the date.


050  00  $aZ696.U5E3$b 1958

050  00  $aZ696.U5H-HJ$b 1981

The abbreviations subser. and Suppl. are recorded in subfield $b, even when there is no item number.

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