Punctuation:  (245 Title Statement - Input Conventions)

Field 245 ends with a period, even when another mark of punctuation is present, unless the last word in the field is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or data that ends with final punctuation.


245  10  $aCosmic search.

245  00  $aMarcel Marceau, ou, L'art du mime.

245  10  $aWelcome aboard! :$byour career as a flight attendant /$cBecky S. Bock, Cheryl A. Cage.

245  10  $aAnnual report for fiscal year ...

245  00  $aWho is it?

245  10  $aHearne Brothers official polyconic projection map of Greater Knoxville with all of Knox County /$cHearne Brothers, cartographers; production staff, G. Lee Graham ... [et. al.].

245  10  $aAhab's wife, or, The star-gazer :$ba novel /$cby Sena Jeter Naslund ; illustrations by Christopher Wormell.

245  00  $aRubber world$h[microform].

245  10  $aMoby-Dick, or, The whale /$cby Herman Melville.

245  10  $aWelcome! :$ba biblical and practical guide to receiving new members /$cErvin R. Stutzman ; foreword by Marlene Kropf.

245  00  $aWho's inventing what? :$bpatents granted in the United States as reported in the Official gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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