490 First indicator:  Value 1 - Series traced

When value 1 is used, the appropriate field 800-830 is included in the bibliographic record to provide the series added entry.


490  1#  $aUniform crime reports

830  #0  $aUniform crime reports (Washington, D.C.)

[The established form of entry for the series includes a parenthetical qualifier.]

490  1#  $aDepartment of the Army pamphlet ;$v27-50

830  #0  $aDA pam ;$v27-50.

[The established form of the series is different from the series statement appearing on the item.]

490  1#  $3<1981->:$aReference works

830  #0  $aReference works.

[The series statement includes information that is not included in the added entry.]

490  1#  $aDepartment of State publication ;$v7846.$aDepartment and Foreign Service series ;$v128

830  #0  $aDepartment of State publication ;$v7846.

830  #0  $aDepartment of State publication.$pDepartment and Foreign Service series ;$v128.

[The series statement contains a numbered series and a subseries, and either or both are to be traced separately.]

490  1#  $aPediatric clinics of North America ;$vv. 2, no.4

830  #0  $aPediatric clinics of North America ;$vv. 2, no.4.

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