037 Subfield $c - Terms of availability:

Subfield $c contains the terms of availability of the item, usually a price (and qualifying information such as time period or market) that is related to the other information in the field.  The subfield can contain information used to specify the price, such as the terms gratis, free, or N.T. (nontrade).

For reproductions, the qualifying information may indicate the form of the item from which the reproduction will be made when it is a major determinant of the price.

For serially-issued items, the current annual subscription price is usually recorded.  If the term has two or more prices covering different lengths of time, only the price applicable to a one-year subscription is included.  A single issue price is recorded when it is the only price given.  If each issue/volume of the serial has a separate price, the information is not recorded.  (A single issue price for an annual publication is considered a one-year subscription price.)  The price is qualified when:

the price is not the one-year price;

the subscription to the serial in hand also includes a subscription to another publication; and,

multiple subscription prices are recorded.

Qualifying terms are enclosed in parentheses and are not separately subfield coded.

For non-serially issued items, if price information is associated with an ISBN or other standard number, then subfield $c (Terms of availability) of field 020 (International Standard Book Number) or subfield $c (Terms of availability) of field 024 (Other Standard Identifier), respectively, are preferred.


037  ##  $aFSWEC-77/0420$bNational Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161$fMagnetic tape$c$175.00

037  ##  $aPB-363547$bNTIS$fpaper copy$c$4.00$fmicrofiche$c$3.00

037  ##  $bAmerican Institute of Physics, 335 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 10017$c$24.00 (institution, U.S.)$c$26.00 (institution, foreign)$c$14.00 (individual, U.S.)$c$16.00 (individual, foreign)

037  ##  $aLC-USZ62-94085$bDLC$c(b&w film copy neg., after preservation)

037  ##  $aLC-USZC2-1362$bDLC$c(color film copy slide, after preservation)

037  ##  $aLC-USZC4-1097$bDLC$c(color film copy transparency)

[A reproduction can be made from three different reproduction sources, which determines the price; prices are not given in field 037 since they fluctuate.]

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