24X Subfield $b - Remainder of title:  [242, 245, 246, 247]

Subfield $b contains the remainder of the title information.  The data includes parallel titles, titles subsequent to the first (in items lacking a collective title), and other title information.

In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $b contains all the data following the first mark of ISBD punctuation and up to and including the mark of ISBD punctuation that introduces the first author statement (i.e., the first slash ( / )) or precedes either the number (subfield $n) or the name (subfield $p) of a part/section of a work.  Note that subfield $b is not repeated when more than one parallel title, subsequent title, and/or other title information are given in the field.


245  10  $aPrivate eyeballs :$ba golden treasury of bad taste.

245  10  $aConference on Industrial Development in the Arab Countries :$b[proceedings].

245  00  $aLord Macaulay's essays ;$band, Lays of ancient Rome.

245  10  $aDistribution of the principal kinds of soil :$borders, suborders, and great groups : National Soil Survey Classification of 1967.

245  00  $aColorado heritage :$bthe journal of the Colorado Historical Society.

245  10  $aCeramic forum international :$bCFI : Berichte der DKG.

245  10  $aTrade Union Fellowship Program :$b[announcement].

245  00  $aMap of Nelson, Richmond, Motueka :$bscale 1:20000.

245  10  $aRock mechanics :$bjournal of the International Society for Rock Mechanics = Felsmechanik.

245  10  $aGentlemen's quarterly$h[microform] :$bGQ.

245  00  $aFocus on grammar$h[electronic resource] :$bbasic level.

245  00  $aLove from Joy :$bletters from a farmer's wife.$nPart III,$p1987-1995, At the bungalow.

245   10  $aInternational review of applied psychology :$bthe journal of the International Association of Applied Psychology = Revue internationale de psychologie appliquée.

246   11  $aRevue internationale de psychologie appliquée

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