490 Subfield $a - Series statement:

Subfield $a contains the series title that may also contain a statement of responsibility or other title information.

Note that in field 490 the names and numbers of parts and sections of a title are not separately subfield coded.


490  1#  $aBulletin / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

830  #0  $aBulletin (United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

490  1#  $3v. 9-<10>:$aMPCHT art and anthropological monographs ;$vno. 35

490  1#  $aDetroit area study, 1971 : social problems and social change in Detroit ;$vno. 19

490  1#  $aPolicy series / CES ;$v1

490  1#  $31972/73-1975-76:$aResearch report / National Education Association Research

Subfield $a is repeatable when:

a subseries is separated from the main series by the numbering of the main series in subfield $v or by the ISSN in subfield $x, or

a series has a parallel title.


490  1#  $aDepartment of State publication ;$v7846.$aDepartment and Foreign Service series ;$v128

490  1#  $aAnnual census of manufactures =$aRecensement des manufactures,$x0315-5587

490  1#  $aPapers and documents of the I.C.I. Series C, Bibliographies ;$vno. 3 =$aTravaux et documents de l'I.C.I. Série C, Bibliographies ;$vno 3

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