For linking entries (MARC 21 fields 76X-78X ), in general follow the conventions in the previous sections with respect to punctuation/spacing.  Note, however, unlike name authority headings and references, the individual components of names in subfields $a (Main entry heading), $s (Uniform title), and $t (Title) are not subfielded.

Subfields $a and $s end with a period or other mark of ending punctuation.  Subfield $t does not end in a mark of ending punctuation except when such a mark is part of the data.  When subfield $b (Edition) follows subfield $t, subfield $t ends in a period or other mark of ending punctuation.  Exception:  The National Library of Canada inputs a period at the end of subfield $t.  LC/CONSER and PCC practice is to retain the period when using these records.

Subfields $x (ISSN) and $g (Relationship information) are not preceded by a comma.

LC practice:  In subfield $w (Record control number) LC does not, for system reasons, supply the blank (space) at the end of a two-digit year LCCN called for by MARC 21.

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