Non-Microform Reproductions:  ( FN 1)

PCC practice:  Catalogers should be aware of the BIBCO Provider-Neutral E-Monograph Guide ( and the CONSER Aggregator-Neutral policy (see section 31.2.3 at and apply those policies rather than the guidelines below when appropriate.

LC practice:  Follow these guidelines for reproductions of previously existing materials that are made for:  preservation purposes in formats other than microforms; non-microform dissertations and other reproductions produced "on demand"; and, electronic reproductions.

These guidelines identify the data elements to be used in the record for the reproduction, separate from the record for the original.  For some electronic reproductions, however, LC may delineate details of the reproduction on the record for the original manifestation rather than create a separate record for the reproduction.  LC catalogers should consult "Draft Interim Guidelines for Cataloging Electronic Resources" <> for more information (other cataloging agencies may have developed their own guidelines in this regard).

1.   Transcribe the bibliographic data appropriate to the original work being reproduced in the following areas:

2.   If appropriate, give in the title and statement of responsibility area the general material designation that is applicable to the format of the reproduction (cf. LCRI 1.1C).

3.   Give in a single note ( 533 field ) all other details relating to the reproduction and its publication/availability.  Include in the note the following bibliographic data in the order listed:

Apply rules 1.4-1.7 for the formulation of the bibliographic data in the note.  Enclose cataloger-supplied data in brackets.  Omit the area divider (space-dash-space).

4.   Use a physical description fixed field ( 007 ) applicable to the reproduction.  For electronic reproductions, also supply information about the electronic location and access ( 856 field ).

(Examples do not necessarily include all applicable data elements.)

007  st#pmndmb| | | | |

245 10 $a Barcarolle, op. 10, piano solo $h [sound recording] / $c Sergei Rachmaninoff. Valse in Aimage\MUSCFLT1.gif, op. 64, no. 3, piano solo / Chopin.

260 ## $a [West Orange, N.J.] : $b Edison, $c [1921]

300 ## $a 1 sound disc : $b analog, 78 rpm, vertical, mono. ; $c 10 in.

511 0# $a Sergei Rachmaninoff, piano.

500 ## $a Recorded at Edison Studios, New York, Apr. 19 (2nd work) and Apr. 23 (1st work), 1919.

500 ## $a Acoustic recording.

533 ## $a Sound tape reel. $b College Park, Md. : $c International Piano Archives at Maryland, $d 1989. $e 1 sound tape reel : analog, 15 ips, 2 tracks, mono. ; 10 in., 1/4 in. tape.

245 10 $a American colorplate books, 1800-1900 / $c by Daniel Francis McGrath.

260 ## $c 1966.

300 ## $a iv, 231 leaves.

500 ## $a Typescript.

502 ## $a Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Michigan, 1966.

504 ## $a Includes bibliographical references (leaves 226-231).

533 ## $a Photocopy. $b Ann Arbor, Mich. : $c University Microfilms, $d 1970. $e 23 cm.

007  cr | | | |

245 10 $a Breeding design considerations for coastal Douglas-fir $h [electronic resource] / $c Randy Johnson.

260 ## $a Portland, OR : $b U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, $c [1998]

300 ## $a 34 p. : $b ill. ; $c 28 cm.

500 ## $a Cover title.

500 ## $a "February 1998."

533 ## $a Electronic reproduction. $b Portland, OR : $c PNW Publications, $d 1998. $n Mode of access: World Wide Web. $n System requirements: Adobe Acrobat reader.

856 4# $u

Note:  Items that are reproductions of materials prepared or assembled specially for bringing out an original edition (e.g., republished for inclusion in a collection, commemorative editions, published with new introductory material) are cataloged as editions, not as reproductions.

See also:

1.11.  Facsimiles, Photocopies, and Other Reproductions