When the date, etc., of the original publication appears after the title on the chief source of information of a later edition, do not transcribe these data in the title area.  Instead, incorporate the information into the note area.

in source:  Saint Augustine // The Meditations, Soliloquia, // and Manuall // 1631 // Scolar Press // 1972

transcription:  The meditations ; Soliloquia ; and Manuall / Saint Augustine. Menston : Scolar Press, 1972

note:  Originally published: Paris : N. de la Coste, 1631

in source:  Dialogues // upon the // usefulness of // ancient medals // London 1726 // Joseph Addison // Garland Publishing, Inc., New York & London // 1976

transcription:  Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient medals / Joseph Addison. New York : Garland Pub., 1976

note:  Originally published: London, 1726

(Publisher not readily ascertainable)

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1.11.  Facsimiles, Photocopies, and Other Reproductions