CIP Cataloging:

For the cataloging of CIPs at the galley stage, use the information supplied by the publisher on the CIP data sheet as the chief source of information for the publication, distribution, etc., area.  At the CIP verification stage, adjust the information in this area, if necessary, according to normal rules for non-CIP and post CIP cataloging.

Non-CIP and Post -CIP Cataloging:

If any element of the publication, distribution, etc., area is transcribed from a prescribed source, do not bracket it even though it is obscurely presented (as in the case of seals, insignia, logos, etc.) or is found on a stamp or label.

Make a note to convey that such information is found on a stamp or label.

Imprint stamped on verso of t.p.

Publisher from label on t.p.

See also:

1.4.  Publication, Distribution, Etc. Area