LC/PCC practice:  If the series title is grammatically linked to the title of the item being cataloged, do not separate the series title from the latter.  Record the grammatically-linked title as the title proper of the item; record information in the series area only if the series title is presented separately in another source in the item.

title on t.p.:  Case Presentations in Heart Disease

another source lists titles:  Case Presentations in Arterial Disease, Case Presentations in Clinical Geriatric Medicine, Case Presentations in Endocrinology and Diabetes, Case Presentations in Gastrointestinal Diseases, etc.

(no source in item giving series title "Case Presentations" separately)

100 1# $a Mackintosh, Alan.

245 10 $a Case presentations in heart disease

(no 4XX field)

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1.6.  Series Area:  Table of Contents