Numbered supplements:

Treat a numbered supplement to a serial as a series.

in source:  Supplement to Word

monograph number 3

490 $a Supplement to Word ; $v monograph no. 3

in source:  Journal of Ultrastructure Research

Supplement 7

490 $a Journal of ultrastructure research. $p Supplement ; $v 7

Special numbers and unnumbered supplements:

LC/PCC practice:  Do not treat a special number or an unnumbered supplement to a serial as a series.  Give the information in a note if it is not already recorded in the title and statement of responsibility area.  (Cf. LCRI 21.30G for the related work added entry.)

500 ## $a Special number of Malaysian journal of tropical geography.

500 ## $a "Supplemento all'Annuario statistico italiano"--T.p. verso.

500 ## $a "Allegato al n. 7/85 di Musica jazz."

(Note:  A supplement that is numbered only in relation to a particular number of a serial (e.g., supplements 1 and 2 to v. 10, no. 1 of the serial) is considered to be unnumbered since there isn't a separate numbering system for that supplement.)

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