After recording the title proper (cf. LCRI 1.6B), give the first parallel title and any subsequent parallel title in English.

4XX $a Bulletin de terminologie = $a Boletín de terminología = $a Terminology bulletin

(Series title present on item in this order:  Spanish, French, Arabic, English, and Chinese; French title selected as title proper since text of item is in French)

If the title proper and the first parallel title are in nonroman scripts and no title is in English, give as the second parallel title the one that is (in order of preference) in French, German, Spanish, Latin, any other roman alphabet language.

4XX $a [Title in Japanese] = $a [Title in Korean] = $a [Title in French]

(Series title present on item in this order:  Korean, Japanese, German, French; text of item is in Japanese)

See also:

1.6.  Series Area