21.0.  Introductory Rules

21.1.  General Rule

21.2.  Changes in Titles Proper

21.3.  Changes of Persons or Bodies Responsible for a Work

21.4.  Works for Which a Single Person or Corporate Body is Responsible

21.6.  Works of Shared Responsibility

21.7.  Collections of Works by Different Persons or Bodies

21.11.  Illustrated Texts

21.14.  Translations

21.17.  Reproductions of Two or More Art Works

21.18.  General Rule (Musical Works)

21.21.  Added Accompaniments, Etc.

21.23.  Sound Recordings (Formerly 21.23A)

21.27.  Academic Disputations

21.28.  Related Works

21.29.  General Rule (Added Entries)

21.30.  Specific Rules (Added Entries)

21.31.  Laws, Etc.

21.32.  Administrative Regulations, Etc.

21.33.  Constitutions, Charters, and Other Fundamental Laws

21.35.  Treaties, Intergovernmental Agreements, Etc.

21.36.  Court Decisions, Cases, Etc.

21.39.  Liturgical Works

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