Works using the word "psalter," or a cognate, in the title proper or other title information are often reproductions of parts of medieval psalters being published to present the art of the illustrative matter contained in the original psalter.  Enter these incomplete psalters under the heading for the artist or under title if the artist is unknown.

If the artist is unknown, the main entry heading will be under title or uniform title.  In this connection, note the utility of the headings provided by 25.13.  For example, the title of the work may not be more than a general designation, e.g., Der Psalter : eine Bilderhandschrift.  A uniform title, consisting of either the name of the manuscript or the repository designation for same--according to the provisions of 25.13--is recommended for such cases.

Note, however, if the content is primarily textual, rather than illustrative, the choice is between texts with Biblical emphasis and those with liturgical emphasis.  Enter the work under the heading for church as a liturgical text if it contains any obvious liturgical element (as when one or more of the following are added to the Psalms:  canticles, antiphons, liturgical calendar, etc.; cf. 21.39); otherwise, enter under the heading for the Psalms (cf. 25.18A).

See also:

21.11.  Illustrated Texts