Add the following case to those listed for entry under title:

or   e)  It consists of contributions of more than one kind (textual, graphic, aural, etc.) and the statement of responsibility in the chief source includes a word or phrase denoting the particular contribution of each individual named and such statements of responsibility, by presentation (e.g., typography and position) in the chief source, diminish the importance of the persons named in relation to the title, so that these persons seem to be receiving technical credit only, as opposed to credit for the artistic and intellectual contents of the whole item.

Note that this addition does not supersede rule 21.11A, Illustrated texts, or rule 21.24, Collaboration between artist and writer.  In some cases, it may be necessary to examine the item as well as the chief source to determine the appropriate rule.  In this connection note also that the presence of words indicating the particular contribution of each person named is not, in itself, sufficient to justify main entry under title according to this interpretation since some publishers routinely use such words for certain types of publications (e.g., collaborative children’s books or French literary works that are illustrated).  See the last two examples below:

title page:  Buenos Aires y sus esculturas // Fotografías de Eduardo Frías y Jorge Salationo // Textos de Eduardo Baliari … [and 12 others]

(Statement of responsibility appears near the foot of the title page in minuscule type)

main entry heading under title

title frame:  Achieving self-mastery // Producer, director, Jake Mangan // Writer, Norman Field // Consultant, Thomas A. Gell

(Motion picture)

main entry heading under title

title page:  Beautiful Colorado country // Concept and design, Robert D. Shangle // Text, Paul M. Lewis

(Work consists chiefly of color photographs by photographers who are only named at the back of the book under "Photo credits")

main entry heading under title

title page:  Highway safety 1981

page following t.p.:  Authors, Gerald P. Balcar, Nicholas D. Nedas, Anita W. Ward; statistics and research, Ann Carr [and 7 others]; produced by Vision Art Studios; illustrations by Anthony Di Lorenzo

(Work consists largely of graphs and charts, with very little continuous text; statements of responsibility are so non-prominent in relation to the title that they do not even appear in the same source with the title)

main entry heading under title

but title page:  The tiger who lost his stripes // Story by Anthony Paul // Pictures by Michael Foreman

(Children's book; a work of collaboration between writer and artist)

main entry under the heading for Paul (21.24)

title page:  Memory Lane // Récit de Patrick Modiano // Dessins de Pierre Le-Tan

(Work by Modiano, which has been illustrated by Le-Tan)

main entry under the heading for Modiano (21.11A)

See also:

21.1.  General Rule