Added Entries:

For a sound recording covered by 21.23A or 21.23B, make whatever added entries are prescribed by the rules under which the choice of main entry for the work or works recorded was made (e.g., for a joint author or composer under 21.6C1; for an arranger under 21.18B1; for a librettist under 21.19A1) as well as any others provided for under LCRI 21.29.

chief source:


(Donizetti; Romani)

(Music by Donizetti; libretto by Romani, based on Le philtre by Eugene Scribe)

Main entry under the heading fro Donizetti as composer (21.23A, 21.19A1)

Added entries under the headings for Romani and for Scribe's Le philtre (21.19A1)

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