Treat cadenzas as related works under this rule whether they are composed by the composer of the works into which they are to be interpolated or by someone else.

100 1# $a Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, $d 1756-1791.

240 10 $a Cadenzas, piano. $k Selections

245 10 $a Trente-cinq points d'orgue pour le piano-forté / $c composés par W.A. Mozart et se rapportant à ses concertos ...

700 1# $a Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, $d 1756-1791. $t Concertos, $m piano, orchestra. $k Selections.

100 1# $a Backhaus, Wilhelm, $d 1884-1969.

245 10 $a Kadenz zum Rondo des C-Dur Konzerts von Beethoven / $c von Wilhelm Backhaus ...

700 1# $a Beethoven, Ludwig van, $d 1770-1827. $t Concertos, $m piano, orchestra, $n no. 1, op. 15, $r C major. $p Rondo.


Apply the alternative rule found in footnote 7 or rule 21.28A1.

In order for a libretto to qualify for entry "under the heading appropriate to the musical work," a reference to the libretto's musical setting must appear prominently (see 0.8) or in the foreword or other prefatory matter of the publication.

See also:

21.28.  Related Works