Art Exhibitions:

Make an added entry under the heading for the institution (corporate body) in which an art exhibition is held.  Make the added entry under the heading for each institution if there are three or fewer, or under the first if there are four or more.


Make an added entry for the person or corporate body honored by a festschrift whenever the honoree is named on the chief source of information for the item being cataloged. ( FN 1)  Make the added entry even if the honoree will also be given subject access on the same record.  (A festschrift is a complimentary or memorial publication usually in the form of a collection of essays, addresses, or biographical, bibliographical, scientific, or other contributions, often embodying the results of research, issued in honor of a person or corporate body, usually on the occasion of an anniversary celebration.)


Make an added entry for any person mentioned in the title proper or other title information of a bibliographic record for a musical work or collection.  Exception:  Do not make an added entry if the person's relationship to the item is purely a subject relationship.

100 1# $a Liszt, Franz, $d 1811-1886.

240 10 $a Präludium und Fuge über den Namen BACH

700 1# $a Bach, Johann Sebastian, $d 1685-1750.

Electronic or computer music studios.  For recordings of electronic or computer music, make an added entry for the studio or studios where the music was realized, when the item being cataloged identifies the studio or studios.  If more than three studios were involved, however, make no such added entries.

Many studios are (or can be assumed to be) corporate bodies and can be established as such, if not already established.  For studios which are not corporate bodies and are not already established, follow the procedures outlined in Subject Headings Manual H 405, "Procedures for Group Two headings.  Heading requested by descriptive cataloger for use as descriptive access point."  For further guidance see DCM Z1, Appendix 1.

Library of Congress foundations and funds.  If the work being cataloged was commissioned by a Library of Congress foundation or fund (e.g., Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation, McKim Fund), make an added entry under the corporate heading for the foundation or fund.  Justify the added entry by naming the foundation or fund in a note (see 21.29F).

See also:

21.30.  Specific Rules (Added Entries)