Laws Enacted by Another Jurisdiction:

For laws enacted by a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction ( FN 1) governed by them, the rule provides for an added entry under the heading for the enacting jurisdiction, with a uniform title added as appropriate under 25.15. Because this method provides for the needed access point only when the main entry heading is the jurisdiction governed by the laws but not when such laws are given as added or subject entries, the Library of Congress uniformly makes an enacting jurisdiction/uniform title reference in an authority record for the governing jurisdiction/uniform title instead of the added entry called for by the rule.

Laws from Changed Jurisdictions:

If the heading for a jurisdiction changes and the same law is issued both before and after the heading has changed, establish two uniform titles for the law: one uniform title representing the law before the heading for the jurisdiction was changed, another uniform title representing the law after the heading for the jurisdiction was changed. Make simple see-also references between the two uniform titles whenever there is explicit evidence that the law has not been changed. In case of doubt, do not make the references.

District of Columbia Laws:

Enter here also acts passed by the District of Columbia City Council but published prior to expiration of the 30-day period of review by the U.S. Congress. (Clue: the "effective date" of the act is cited in general terms only, not by a specific date.)

See also:

21.31B. Laws of modern jurisdictions