The objective of this rule interpretation is to provide guidelines for the treatment of prefixes/particles (articles and prepositions) in certain names. Once a name and the appropriate references have been determined according to the appropriate rules, use the following guidelines in formulating the constituent parts of the name heading and references.


1. General. Apply these guidelines, as appropriate, to

a. the heading and to references in a name authority record;

b. a main or added entry (including subject) in a MARC bibliographic record.

In the examples used in the guidelines, only the germane references have been shown.

2. Prefix/particle immediately following the entry element. If the entry element of a name is followed directly by a prefix/particle without intervening data (e.g., forename(s), name(s) serving the function of a forename as in the case of certain Portuguese names, forename initial(s)), separate the prefix/particle from the entry element by a comma and place the prefix/particle, etc., in the MARC record as part of the $c subfield, the subfield for words and phrases associated with the name. The purpose of this practice is to provide consistent treatment in setting off the entry element of such names for reasons of searching and sorting, i.e., to prevent prefixes/particles from being treated as forenames.


3. Prefixes/particles in names lacking forenames but containing words or phrases associated with the name. Formulate such name headings or references with the prefixes/particles following any words or phrases associated with the name.


If such names include qualifications, formulate the data constituting the heading or references according to the pattern: entry element of the heading or reference, words or phrases associated with the name ( $c subfield ), prefix/particle, qualifier, date.



See also:

22.5. Entry Under Surname