Apply either 23.4F1 or 24.6B (depending on the situation) to resolve conflicts in headings for places (geographic names and names of governments) not already resolved by the additions called for by 23.4C-23.4E. Conflict in place names is not restricted to those already established or being established in the catalog (the file against which the searching and cataloging is being done). Instead, if there is no existing conflict in the catalog, search gazetteers, etc., to determine if two or more places within the same jurisdiction have the same name or if two or more places with the same name would bear the same qualifier for the larger place.

U.S. Townships:

If a name of a U.S. township (called "towns" in some states) conflicts with the name of another township within the same state, add the heading for the county to each name before the term "Township" or "Town." (Consult Andriot’s Township Atlas of the United States to determine if there is more than one township with the same name in the same state.)



If local places in Hawaii conflict, add to each name the heading for the island on which the place is located rather than the heading for the county.

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23.4F. Further additions