Place Qualifiers:

Add to the name of a local church, cathedral, monastery, convent, abbey, temple, mosque, synagogue, etc., the name of the place in which it is located.

Example A

Note 1: Headings already coded for AACR2 that lack a qualifier called for by this directive should not be changed unless a conflict or some other extreme need arises.

Note 2: Before 1995, references were made from the place in which the local religious institution is located. Delete such references when maintenance work is required to the authority record for another reason.

Multiple Qualifiers:

If the name need the addition of both a general designation and the name of a place, add the general designation first.

Example B

Churches, Chapels, etc., of Larger Institutions:

If a church, chapel, etc., is a subordinate unit of a larger institution and is entered directly under its own name (24.12), generally add the name of the larger institution as a qualifier. Make a reference from the name as a subheading of the larger institution.

Example C

See also:

24.10. Local Churches, Etc.