United Nations:

Treat the United Nations as a government body when determining the heading for its subordinate and related bodies and when choosing the appropriate qualifier.

National Commissions to UNESCO:

Establish the names of national UNESCO commissions that are agencies of the governments they represent according to 24.17 or 24.18, Type 2, not 24.18, Type 11.

Soviet Bloc:

When cataloging publications that emanated from a body within one of the countries of the Soviet bloc and one or more government agencies appear at head of title only as a "stamp of approval," do not refer through the names of the government agencies when establishing the emanator body. Do make a reference through the heading for the government itself (the country, republic, district, etc.)

Distinguish such cases, however, from other cases, which do occur even in the Soviet bloc, in which the government agency named has a hierarchical relationship. References through the agency or agencies must be made in these cases.

British County/Regional and District Councils:

Establish the names of county, regional, and district councils in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland according to 24.18, Type 6 (cf. LCRI 24.18, Type 6).

See also:

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