For forms of component branches, command districts, and military units of military services, define "component branch, command district, or military unit" as an agency that constitutes

1. a unit subject to combat service or an administrative unit over such units;

Example A

2. a unit that serves as a direct support unit to category 1.

Example B

This means treating the following types of bodies under the general rules.

Example C

Treat forts, bases, camps, airfields, etc., as jurisdictions (see LCRI 23.1).

U.S. Civil War Units:

When establishing either Union or Confederate fighting units of the U.S. Civil War, consult reference works (e.g., The Union Army (Madison, Wis. : Federal Pub. Co., 1908)).

If the unit is one of a numbered sequence, use a uniform designation of the number in the heading for each unit in the sequence. Make the normal cross references required by designations found and also make a reference from a standardized form beginning with the state name as shown below (only this reference is illustrated).

image\POINT_BL.gif  Union units

N.B. Because of the high incidence of conflicts for Union units, a date qualifier (for the duration of the unit) is added routinely. Normally there is no such problem of conflict with Confederate units.

image\POINT_BL.gif  Confederate unit

Numbered U.S. Military Units:

If a component branch, command unit, or military unit of a United States military service is numbered, use Arabic ordinal numerals in the heading. If the form of numbering found on the item being cataloged differs from the form used in the heading, make a reference from the found form, in the order that marches the heading.

Example D

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