Name Authority Records:

On the name authority record for a conference heading, do not add the number, date, or place to the name when the conference is an ongoing one, even if all the meetings were held in one place (cf. 24.7B4). Apply this both to meetings entered directly under their own names and to meetings entered subordinately to headings for corporate bodies.


If the name of an ongoing conference conflicts, add to the name an appropriate qualifier.



If the name includes an abbreviated or full form of the year and the name is followed by one or more additions, a year must always be included in these additions.



In deciding between using local place or institution, etc. (24.7B4), when establishing the heading for a named conference, add as the qualifier the local place or institution, etc., that appears with the conference name in the source for the conference name as opposed to other locations within the item where the conference name is repeated. If an institution’s name appears in the source, transcribe the institution’s name as the qualifier, or if a local place name appears, transcribe that. When transcribing an institution, give it in the nominative case in the language in which it is found in the item. (Even if the institution represents a subordinate unit, record its name rather than the name of the higher body alone.) When transcribing a local place, give its catalog-entry form (as modified by 23.4A1 and 24.4C1, second paragraph). If both an institution and a local place appear, prefer to use the name of the institution, etc., generally without the name of the local place unless the name of the institution is a very "weak" one (use judgment in this respect and do not be concerned about a high degree of consistency). Note: Do not use as location the name of a hotel, convention center, or office building unless the conference was held outside a local place.

For electronic conferences, do not add the name of the local place or other location.

Two or More Meetings:

If the item being cataloged contains the proceedings, etc., of two meetings of the same conference and main entry under the heading for the conference is appropriate (cf. LCRI 21.1B2, Category D), enter the item under the heading for the first meeting and make an added entry under the heading for the second meeting even if the meetings are consecutively numbered.

If the item contains the proceedings, etc., of three or more meetings of the same conference, enter the item under the heading for the conference without any additions.

24.7B2. Number

See also:

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