If a sound recording collection contains three, four, or five musical works entered under a single personal name heading, enter the collection under the collective uniform title appropriate to the whole item. Make name-title analytical added entries for each work in the collection. For excerpts from one work, make a separate analytical added entry for each excerpt unless there are two or more excerpts numbered consecutively (25.6B1) or three or more unnumbered or nonconsecutively numbered excerpts (25.6B3).

Do not apply these provisions to the following sound recording collections:

1. a collection whose contents consist of all of a composer’s works of a particular type or of a particular type for a particular medium of performance (25.34C2);

2. a collection made up of a consecutively numbered group of works (25.34C3);

3. collections of pop, folk, ethnic, or jazz music;

4. multipart collections that are not yet complete.



See also:

25.34. Collective Titles