Alternative Titles:

Omit alternative titles from uniform titles when basing the uniform title on a title proper that includes an alternative title.

Statements of Responsibility:

If the title proper beings with a statement of responsibility, use judgment in deciding whether or not the statement may be separated. For example, to take two rather obvious cases:

1. For the title proper "Shakespeare’s King Lear," "Shakespeare’s" can be separated and so the uniform title "King Lear" is used. In general, make a name-title reference from the title proper for a work entered under a personal or corporate heading (cf. 25.2E2).

2. For the title proper "The John Franklin Bardin omnibus," "John Franklin Bardin" is not separable and no uniform title is used.

Between these two obvious extremes, handle more ambiguous cases according to one’s best judgment (i.e., use "feeling" and examination of typography and layout of the chief source and other expressions of the title (cover title, running title, etc.)).


Unless 25.3A applied, routinely accept the word "constitution" (or its equivalent) as the complete uniform title by virtue of 25.3B.

See also:

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