1. General. When creating a bibliographic record for a serial, a series authority record for a serial/series, or a name authority record for a serial, construct a uniform title made up of the title proper plus a parenthetical qualifier to distinguish the serial/series from another with the same title proper entered under the same name heading in a bibliographic record, in the heading of any series authority record (for series, multipart item, phrase, serial), or in the heading of any name authority record. Also construct a uniform title when a serial becomes an integrating resource (or vice versa) but doesn't change its title proper.

2. Choice of qualifying term. Use judgment in determining the most appropriate qualifier for the serial/series being cataloged. Possible qualifiers are given in the following list; the listing is not in priority order. If none of these qualifiers is appropriate, use any word(s) that will serve to distinguish the one serial/series from the other. Use more than one qualifier if needed to make the uniform title unique.

image\POINT_BL.gif date of publication ( FN 3)

image\POINT_BL.gif descriptive data elements, e.g., edition statement


Generally avoid use of the terms "print" and "text" as qualifiers because they are vague and there is not a consensus as to their appropriate use. When breaking the conflict between separate headings for the same title published in multiple physical media, add a qualifier to the heading for the physical medium that isn't printed text on paper (even if that means assigning a qualifier to a heading in an existing record).

See also:

25.5B. Conflict Resolution