Names in the Refer From Line of a Cross Reference and in Established Headings are the Same:

For personal names (including any pseudonym), when the entire form in the first line of a reference and the entire form in an established heading are the same, attempt to resolve the conflict by additions to the name in the reference (cf. LCRI 22.17-22.20). If there are no data available to resolve the conflict, make a see also reference. This applies whether the cross reference is already in the file or is the result of the item being cataloged.


See also References from Individuals to the Group:

When the name of a group contains the name of one or more of its members, make a see also reference from the heading for each individual named in the group heading to the heading for that group and from that group heading to the heading for each individual.


LC practice: The Library of Congress limits making see also references from each individual to the group to collections of special materials (in lieu of making multiple added entries on individual bibliographic records) and to music performing groups, when the information is readily available and cataloging resources permit. LC does not make references from the group heading to each individual under any circumstances. (Note: Before 1995, LC did make such references; do not delete them.)

See also:

26.2. Names of Persons