Multipart sets may include volumes showing different edition statements.  This LCRI addresses:

1.   the number of bibliographic records needed (separate records for each edition or a single record that accommodates all editions);

2.   the method used to handle the various edition statements when the single record technique is chosen.

It does not address questions relating to analysis of multipart sets.

Separate Bibliographic Records:

Generally create a separate bibliographic record for each group of volumes that bears the same edition statement.

One Bibliographic Record:

Exceptionally, create instead one bibliographic record for the volumes albeit they bear different edition statements whenever:

1.   the publisher supplies such volumes at the same time


2.   there is explicit evidence that one or more of the volumes is continuously revised (typical of some legal publications)


3.   the specific case clearly warrants such treatment.

One Bibliographic Record--Edition Area:

1.   Transcribe in the edition area the edition statement of the first (or earliest) volume.

2.   If the individual items are being analyzed, include the edition statement of each in its bibliographic record; do not make a note for the various edition statements on the record for the whole set.

3.   If the individual volumes are not being analyzed, specify in a note the various edition statements on the bibliographic record for the set.  In complex situations, make only a general note.

Vol. 3: 2nd ed.

Includes various editions of some vols.

Kept up to date by replacement editions

4.   A set originally covered by one record for all volumes may eventually come to include more than one edition of more than one or more volumes.  This may then cause a variance either with the edition area of the record or with a specific note for edition statements made under the immediately preceding instructions.  When this occurs, replace the specific note as necessary and use also instead the same general note:

Includes various editions of some vols.

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