For compact discs and cassettes, consider information that can be read through the closed container (including information on the front cover of a booklet inserted in the container) to be on the container.

For sound recordings containing two works of the same type by one composer without a collective title on the label(s), do not consider as a collective title a title on the container or accompanying material that is made up of the name of the type plus one or more of the following identifying elements for the two works:  serial number, opus number, thematic index number, key.

Do not consider to be collective titles:

On container:  Piano concertos no. 25, K. 503, no. 26, K. 537

On container:  Sonatas no. 4, op. 7, and no. 11, op. 22

On container:  Symphonies nos. 88 and 104 (London)

Consider to be collective titles:

On container:  The violin concertos / Serge Prokofiev

On container:  Les deux sonates pour violoncelle et piano

On container:  Ballets / Igor Stravinsky

(Contains Apollo and Orpheus)

See also:

6.0.  General Rules