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Option Decision:

Do not apply the optional provision of the rule.


When an item is known to have an original master in a different medium and the production or release date of the master is more than two years earlier than that of the item being cataloged, give an edition/history note.

Originally produced as motion picture in [year]

Originally issued as filmstrip in [year]

Make a similar note when an item is known to have been previously produced or issued (more than two years earlier) if in a different medium, but the original medium is unknown.

Previously produced as motion picture in [year]

Previously issued as slide set in [year]

If the date of production or release or an original master or an earlier medium is unknown or if the difference between its production or release date and the production or release of the item being cataloged is two years or less, indicate the availability of the other medium or media in a note according to 7.7B16 and 8.7B16.

Produced also as slide set

Issued also as slide set and videorecording

Note:  The use of production versus release dates is left to the cataloger’s judgment.  Make the note that seems best to give information about either production or release of other formats on a case-by-case basis.


When a foreign firm, etc., is given in the source as emanator or originator, do not assume that the item was either made or released in that country if not so stated.  Instead, use the following type note:

A foreign film (Yugoslavia)

A foreign filmstrip (Yugoslavia)

A foreign slide set (Yugoslavia)

For a U.S. emanator and a foreign producer or a foreign emanator and a U.S. producer, do not make the note.

... / Learning Corporation of America ; [produced by] Earl Rosen and Associates

(Earl Rosen and Associates is a Canadian firm)

See also:

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