A.54A. Proper names and their derivatives:

A.54A1. Lowercase names of peoples, races, and residents of specific localities:


A.54A2. Lowercase names of religions and their adherents:

katalikybe; protestantizmas; katalikas; protestantas

A.54A3. Lowercase adjectives and nouns serving as adjectives denoting nationality, origin, etc.:


A.54A4. Lowercase a common noun used as a generic word in a geographic name:


A.54B. Names of corporate bodies:

A.54B1. Capitalize every word in the names of the highest Soviet governmental units and Communist Party organizations except the word partija:


A.54B2. Capitalize the first word and proper nouns in names of other corporate bodies; if the name begins with one or more proper nouns signifying location, auspices, or an honorific, capitalize the following word as well:


A.54C. Titles of persons:

A.54C1. Capitalize the titles of the highest government and Communist Party officials:


A.54C2. Capitalize only the first word in the titles of other officials:


A.54D. Names of calendar divisions:

Lowercase the names of days of the week and of months.

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