Games (Events), 24.7

"General" cross references (discontinuance), 26.3B-C

General designation qualifiers

Corporate names, 24.4B

Corporate names (all capital letters), 24.4B

General material designations

Added entries, 21.29

List, 1.1C

List (graphic materials), 8.5B1

Macroreproductions, 1.11A

Microreproductions, Chapter 11

Uniform titles, 25.5D

Geographic names

Ambiguous entities, 23.1

BGN romanizations, 23.2

British Isles, 23.2, 23.4D

Canada, 23.2, 23.4C

Changes, 26.3B-C

China, 23.2

City sections, 23.1, 23.4F2

Conflicts, see Conflicts

Contained in corporate names, 24.1, 24.13, TYPE 6

Earlier/later names (qualifiers), 23.4B

English vs. vernacular forms, 23.2

Foreign names used by more than one jurisdictional level, 23.2

Germany, 23.2

Great Britain, 23.2

Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, 23.2

Hawaii (conflicts), 23.4F1

India (districts), 23.2

Initial articles, 23.2

Initial articles (references), 26.3A3

Islands and island groups, 23.4B

Israel, 23.4E

Jerusalem, 23.4E

Jordan, 23.4E

Korea, 23.2

Local places on islands, 23.4F2

London, 23.2

Military installations, 23.1

"Mount," 23.2

Not qualified, 23.4B

Not qualified (conflicts), 24.6

Provided by BGN, 23.2

Provided by NLC, 23.2

Qualifiers, see Qualifiers (geographic names)

and/or Geographic names as qualifiers

References, 26.3, 26.3A3

References from, 26.3A7

Republics of the former Soviet Union, 23.2

"Saint," 23.2

Smaller places (names change or cease to exist), 23.4B

South African homelands, 23.4E

Soviet Union and constituent republics, 23.2

States, provinces, etc., 23.4C

Succession of jurisdictions (same name), 24.6

Syria, 23.4E

Taiwan, 23.2

Thesis notes, 1.7B13

Townships, 23.2, 23.4F1

United States, 23.2

Updating to AACR2, see Updating pre-AACR2 headings

Washington, D.C., vs. District of Columbia in headings, 23.2

Washington (State), 24.6

Geographic names as qualifiers

Catholic dioceses, sees, etc. (references and headings), 24.27C3

Conferences, meetings, etc., 24.7B

Conflicts, 24.4C

Current forms vs. earlier forms, 24.4C4

Form, 24.4C

Places in Israel, Jordan, and Syria, 23.4E

Qualifiers (names change), 23.4B, 24.4C4, 25.5B

References, 26.1

Uniform titles (serials/series), 25.5B

Geographic names (variant forms - reference guidelines), 26.3

Glottal stops, 1.0E

GMDs, see General material designations

Government bodies entered . . ., see Corporate names entered . . . (government)

Government documents

Dates of release or transmittal, 2.7B9

Issue dates, 2.7B9

Publication dates (inferred), 2.7B9

Government names, see Geographic names

Government officials (official capacities)

Heads of state (dates of incumbency), 24.20B

Names of officials on chief sources, 24.20E

Government printers

Printers, 1.4D1

Publishers or distributors, 1.4D1

Government Printing Office

Publisher, 1.4D4

Greek (language name)

Headings, 25.5C

Notes, 1.7B2

Greek letters, 1.0E

Gregorian and non-Gregorian dates

Dates of publication, 1.4F1

Personal name headings, 22.17

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