Linking references on name authority records, 26

Name Authority Cooperative Project, see NACO

Name authority records

008/29 , 26

Cataloger-generated references, see Cataloger-generated references

Linking references, see Linking references (headings)

Ongoing conferences, 24.7B

Reasons for updating (forms of Arabic numerals), C.1

Related bodies not in LC ("[no publs. in LC database]"), 26.3B-C

Name/title references, 26.4

Named vs. unnamed meetings, 21.1B1

Names, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Personal names

image\POINT_BL.gif Corporate names

image\POINT_BL.gif Geographic names

National bibliographies

Series statements appearing only in national bibliographies, 1.6

National Coordinated Cataloging Operations, see NACO

National Library of Canada

Corporate names, 24.1

Geographic names, 23.2

National Library of Medicine

Personal name headings (usage different from LC), 22.3A

Nature of resource, 1.0

Nature, scope, or artistic form notes, 2.7B1

New editions, see Editions


On title pages with real names, 22.2A

Use (simultaneously with real names), 22.2A

Night clubs, 24.1

NLC, see National Library of Canada

"No more published," 2.5B21

"[No publs. in LC database]," 26.3B-C

Nobility (titles), see Titles of address, etc.

Non-access areas

Forms of Arabic numerals, C.1

Initials, initialisms, and acronyms in, 1.0C

Spacing after periods and abbreviations, 1.0C

Non-classical music collections (omission of analytical added entries), 25.34

Non-collection," 25.1

Non-government bodies (unqualified), 24.4C

Non-Gregorian dates, see Gregorian and non-Gregorian dates

Non-MARC bibliographic records

see also Nonroman languages/scripts bibliographic records

Title access, 21.30J

Nonroman languages/scripts bibliographic records

see also Non-MARC bibliographic records

Bibliography notes, 2.7B18

Contents notes, 2.7B18

Corporate names (romanization), 24.1B

"i.e." and "et al.," B.4

Language and script notes, 1.7B2

Nonroman elements on otherwise fully romanized records (notes), 1.7A3

Notes, 1.7A3

Series added entries, 21.30L

Series parallel titles, 1.6C

Norwegian (Language name)

Headings, 25.5C

Notes, 1.7B2


see also [Specific type of note]

Accompanying materials, 1.5E1

Added entries (justification), 2.7B18

Added title pages, 2.7B4

Alternate media, 6.7B16

Appendices, 2.7B18

"At head of title" notes, 12.7B7.1

Belles lettres items, 2.7B1

Bibliographic history (integrating resources), 12.7B8

Bibliography notes, 2.7B18

Binders’ titles, 2.7B4

"Bound with" notes, 1.7B21

Changes in other title information (integrating resources), 12.7B6.2

Changes in parallel titles (integrating resources), 12.7B5.2

Changes in places of publication (serials), 12.7B11.2

Changes in title other than title proper (integrating resources), 12.7B4.1

Changes in title proper (integrating resources) and ISSNs, 12.7B4.2

Citing other editions and works, 1.7A4

Citing personal names, 1.7A4, 1.7B6

Citing serials, 1.7A4

Citing titles, 1.7A4

"Continued by . . .," 12.7B8a

Copies being described, 1.7B20

Copies in LC’s holdings, 1.7B20

Copy-specific notes, 1.7B20

Credits, 1.7A3

Dates of first issues later than publication dates of subsequent issues (serials), 1.4F8

Dates of production, 7.4F2, 7.7B7, 8.4F2, 8.7B7

Dates of release or transmittal, 2.7B9

Designations (serials) in notes, 12.7A2

Discographies, 2.7B18

Dissertations (terms for degrees), 1.7A3, 1.7B13

Durations (contents), 8.7B18

Earlier/later editions, 1.7A4

Edition information gleaned from texts, 2.2B3

Electronic reproductions, 1.11A

Electronic serials that don't retain earlier titles, 12.7B4.2

Errata slips, 2.7B18

Filmographies, 2.7B18

For certain languages and scripts, 1.7B2

Foreign films, etc., 7.7B9

Form of composition and uniform titles, 5.7B1, 6.7B1

Formal and informal contents notes, 2.7B18

Formal terms (contents, etc. - capitalization), 1.7A3

Formats, 1.7A1, 2.7B18

Frequency notes, 12.7B1

Hebrew texts (English titles on verso of title pages), 2.7B4

Identification of iterations (integrating resources) in notes, 12.7A2

Imperfect copies, see Imperfect copies

Indexes, 2.7B18

Initial articles, 1.0

Intended audience notes/intellectual levels, 2.7B14

Item described (multipart items), 1.7B23

Item described (serials and integrating resources), 12.7B23

Items reproduced, 1.7A4

Iterations (integrating resources) in notes, 12.7A2

Language notes, 1.7B2

Language of notes (continuing resources), 12.7A2

"Large print ed." in edition statements, 2.2B1

Lecture series, 1.6

Limited editions, 2.7B7

Linking different editions, 1.7A4

Linking notes (serials), 12.7B8

Literary form notes (languages requiring), 2.7B1

Local notes, 1.7B20

Loose-leaf services, 12.0

Macroreproductions, 1.11A

Medium of performance and uniform titles, 5.7B1, 6.7B1

Microreproductions, Chapter 11

Multipart items (volumes in different editions), 2.2

Named and unnamed meetings (unmade notes), 26.3B-C

Nature, scope, or artistic form notes, 2.7B1

New editions vs. republications, 2.7B7

Nonroman data, 1.7A3

Numbered copies, 2.7B7

Omissions, 2.7B18

On nonroman scripts/languages bibliographic records, 2.7B18

"Originally published . . .," 2.7B7

Other title information, 1.1G3, 2.7B18

Paginations, 2.7B18

Phrases on title pages referring to appendices, subsidiary texts, etc., 1.1E

"Previously published" vs. "Originally published," 2.7B7

Privately printed items, 1.4D1

Publication, distribution, etc., areas (serials), 12.7B11.2

Punctuation, 1.7A1

Punctuation (formal contents notes), 2.7B18

Quoted notes, see Quoted notes

Recording multiple serial numbering systems, 12.3E1

Referring to other works or manifestations of the same work, 1.7A4

Republication notes, see Republication notes

Republications vs. new editions, 2.7B7

Revised editions, 1.7A4

Script notes, 1.7B2

Series numbering from cataloging data, 1.6G

Series statements (only in bibliographies), 1.6

Series statements (only in publishers’ listings), 1.6A2

Series statements (only on jackets), 1.6A2

Series statements (only on labels or stamps), 1.6A2

Several republications in one volume, 2.7B7

Sign languages, 1.7B2

Single republication in one volume, 2.7B7

Spelling, 1.7A3

Stamps or labels, 1.4A2

Statements of responsibility, 2.7B18

Summaries, 1.7A3, 1.7B2

Summaries in other languages, 2.7B18

Supplements (series or serials), 1.5E1, 21.30G

Tables of contents languages, 1.7B2

Theses (terms for degrees), 1.7A3, 1.7B13

Translations, 1.7B2

Used to record imperfections or special features (monographs), 1.7B20

Variant titles (definition and sources), 2.7B4

Vocalized title pages, 1.7B2

When to provide (formal and informal contents note), 2.7B18

"With" notes, 1.7B21

Numbered copies being cataloged (notes), 2.7B7

Numbering in serial titles, 12.1B7


see also Arabic numerals

Opus numbers

Ordinal numbers, In series statements

Serial numbers (music)


Series numbering

Arabic numerals vs. romanization in romanized Chinese, Japanese, and Korean headings, C.5C

Dates in titles proper (Japanese), C.5C

Not associated with series titles (monographs and serials), 1.6

Ordinal numbers, C.8

Serial/series titles, 12.1B7

Titles proper (access), 21.30J

Transcription, C.1

Used to designate subordinate bodies, 24.1

Numbers of volumes, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Extent of items

image\POINT_BL.gif Physical description areas

Nursing homes, 24.1

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