"Saint" in geographic names, 23.2


see also Personal names

Reference sources, 22.13B

Unique names?, 22.13B

Sanitariums, 24.1

Sanitation districts, 23.1

"Scharfes s," 1.0E

School districts, 24.1

Scientific names of plants and animals (capitalization and punctuation), A.25

Script notes, 1.7B2

Seals, see Symbols


Dates (personal names), 22.17

Second-hand dealers as distributors, 1.4D4

Second/Seconds symbols, 1.0E

Second series, see Subseries/second series

Section titles

As titles proper, 1.6B

With introductory words (Capitalization), A.4D1

See also references

see also primarily Cross references

Definition, 26.3B-C

Heads of state, 26.3B-C

Individuals to the group, 26.2C

Justification, 26.3B-C

Manuscript headings, 25.13

Personal names identical to established headings, 26.2C

Pseudonyms, 22.2B

Reference structures (guidelines and examples), 26.3B-C

Series, 26.5A

See references, see Cross references

Serial numbers (music)

Titles proper or other title information, 5.1B1

Parallel statements, 5.1B1

Serial titles

see also Serials

Titles proper

Uniform titles (serials/series)

Authority records for, 26.5B

Chronological designations omitted, 12.1B7

Consisting solely of the words "Annual report," 21.30J

Elements to include and exclude, 12.1B3

Serial titles as publishers, 1.4D2


see also Monographic series

Multipart items

Uniform titles (serials/series)

AACR2 forms needed, 21.28B

Absorptions, 12.7B8d

Added entries (collections of excerpts), 21.28B

Added entries (corporate bodies), 21.30E

Added entries (separately published issues of periodicals), 21.30G

Added entries (series), 21.30L

Added entries (special numbers), 21.30G

Added entries (supplements), 21.30G

Almanacs (U.S.), 17th-19th century, 21.2C

Alphabetic and/or numeric designations, 12.3, 12.3B1, 12.3C1

Alphabetic and/or numeric designations (lacking), 12.3B1

"At head of title" notes, 12.7B7.1

Authority records for, 26.5B

Basic description, 12.0B1

Bibliographic units vs. physical units, 12.5B2

Changes in edition information, 12.2F1

Changes in places of publication, 12.7B11.2

Changes in name of publisher, 12.4D2

Changes in titles proper (definition), 21.2C

Changes in titles proper vs. variations, 21.2C

Changes in type and extent of resource area notes (electronic serials), 12.7A2

Changes in uniform titles, 25.5B

Changes of issuing bodies, 25.5B

Changes of persons or bodies responsible (serials and integrating resources), 21.3B

Chronological designations, 12.1B7, 12.3C1, 12.3C4, 12.3D1, 12.3G1

Chronological designations (lacking), 12.3B1

Chronological designations (several systems), 12.3E1

Common titles and section titles, 12.1B4, 25.5B

Conflicts, 25.5B

"Continues/Continued by" notes, 12.7B8a

Corporate body qualifiers (uniform titles), 25.5B

Date qualifiers (uniform title), 25.5B

Dates of absorption, 12.7B8d

Dates of immediately succeeding serials, 12.7B8a

Dates of publication (first issues later than dates of subsequent issues), 1.4F8

Dates of numbering at end of titles proper, 12.1B7

Definition amplified, 1.0

Edition statements (two or more languages or scripts), 12.2B3

Editions, 12.7B8f

Electronic resources (common titles and section titles), 12.1B4

Electronic resources (uniform titles), 25.5B

Electronic serials that don't retain earlier titles/bodies, 12.0B1

Electronic serials that don't retain earlier titles (notes), 12.7B4.2

Ellipses, 12.1B7

Entries under corporate bodies, 21.1B2

Excerpts (treatment), 21.28B

Forms of numbering (related work added entries), 21.30G

Forms of serial names (linking notes), 12.7B8

Forms of series added entries, 21.30L

Frequency notes, 12.7B1

Hardcover editions of selected issues, 1.6

In multiple series, 1.6J

Indexes, 1.5E1, 21.28B

Integrating resources, 1.0

Internal numbering, 12.3B1

Issued in cumulations, 12.0

Issued in parts, 12.0

Item described note, 12.7B23

Language of notes, 12.7A2

Linking notes, 12.7B8

Linking notes (uniform titles), 25.5B

Microreproductions (LC policy), Chapter 11

Monographic series, see Monographic series

and/or Series

and/or Series . . .

Newspapers, 12.0

No designation on first issue or part, 12.3D1

Nonprint serials (prescribed sources of information), 12.0B3

Notes (first issues with dates of publication later than those of subsequent issues), 1.4F8

Notes (frequency), 12.7B1

Notes on changes in type and extent of resource area (electronic serials), 12.7A2

Notes (publication, distribution, etc. areas), 12.7B11.2

Numbered series, 12.6B1

Numbering (at end of titles proper), 12.1B7

Numbering (series added entries), 12.6B1

Numbering (series statements), 12.6B1

Numbering (system changes), 12.3G1

Numbering grammatically integrated with title proper, 25.5B

Numeric and/or alphabetic designations, 12.3, 12.3B1, 12.3G1

Numeric and/or alphabetic designations (lacking), 12.3B1, 12.3G1

Numeric and/or alphabetic designations (notes), 12.7A2

Numeric and/or alphabetic designations (several systems), 12.3E1

Personal authority, 21.1A2

Physical units vs. bibliographic units, 12.5B2

Place of publication changes, 12.7B11.2

Place of publication qualifiers (uniform titles), 25.5B

Prescribed sources of information (nonprint serials), 12.0B3

Publisher statements (capitalization), A.7A

Related work added entries, 21.28A, 21.30G

Reprints, reissues, etc., 1.0, 12.0, 12.0B1, 12.5B2, 25.5B

Retrospective serials treatment, 1.0

Section titles, 12.1B4, 25.5B

Separate records (criteria), 12.0

Separate records (numbering systems change), 12.3G1

Session laws (U.S. states) and successive entry, 21.2C

Signs and symbols (first five words of titles proper), 21.30J

Source citations, 26.3B-C

Splits, 12.7B8c

Subseries in numbered main series, 12.6B1

Substitute title pages, 12.0B2

Successive designations, 12.3G1

Successive entries, 25.5B

Supplements, 1.5E1

Supplements (added entries), 21.30G

Supplements (uniform titles needed), 25.5B

Supplements to other serials, 21.28B

Title page substitutes, 12.0B2

Titles, see Serial titles

and/or Uniform titles (serials/series)

Travel guides, 1.0

Treatment, 1.0

Variations vs. changes in titles, 21.2C

"With" notes, 1.7B21

Serials vs. monographs vs. integrating resource, 1.0


see also primarily Monographic series

Multipart items

Serial titles


Series added entries

Series numbering

Series statements

Series titles

Uniform titles (serials/series)

Added entries (issuing bodies), 21.30E

Added entry decisions (reasons to change), 21.30L

Appearing only in bibliographies, 1.6

Appearing only in publishers’ listings, 1.6A2

Appearing only in some items, 1.6B

Appearing only on jackets, 1.6A2

Appearing only on labels or stamped in items, 1.6A2

Changes of issuing bodies, 25.5B

Different physical media, 1.6

Inaccuracy in series title proper, 1.6B

Integrating resources in more than one series, 21.30L

ISSNs, 1.6F

Lacking analyzable titles (analyzed, classified separately), 13.3

Multiple series on multipart items or serials, 1.6J

Personal authors (traced), 21.30L

Phrases, etc., 1.6

Places/publishers vary, 25.5B

Published in more than one place, 25.5B

References on authority records, 26.5A

Reprint, reissue, etc., 25.5B

Section titles without titles common to all sections (recording), 1.6B

Series and subseries (uniform title qualifiers), 25.5B

Series or phrases, 1.6

Series vs. subseries (ISSN for main series only), 1.6H7

Series vs. subseries (not appearing together on the items), 1.6H

Single statement encompassing more than one series, 1.6B, 21.30L

Subseries, 1.6H

Technical report series, see Technical report series

Titles, see Series titles

and/or Uniform titles (serials/series)

When to trace, 21.30L

Series added entries

see also Uniform titles (serials/series)

Form, 21.30L

Guidelines, 21.30L

Main series and indirectly entered subseries, 21.30L

Numbering, 21.30L

Punctuation, 21.30L

Related series, 21.30G

Reprint editions, 21.30L

Series added entries vs. series statements

Composition, 21.30L

Punctuation and spacing, 1.0C

Series area, see Series statements

Series-like phrases

Qualifiers, 25.5B

Series numbering

see also Serials, Numbering . . .

Abbreviations, 1.6G, B.5

Appearing only in bibliographies, 1.6G

Appearing only in cataloging data, 1.6G

Editions with identical numbering, 1.6G

Equal signs, 1.6G

Grammatically integrated with title proper, 25.5B

How to record in series added entries, 21.30L

Incomplete multipart items, 1.6G2

Inferred numbering, 1.6G

Letter(s) at end of title proper, 1.6B

Letters in series numbering, 1.6G

More than one system of designation, 1.6G

New sequence, 1.6G1

Ordinal number abbreviations, 1.6G

Parallel numbering, 1.6G

Superscript characters, 1.6G

Supplements, 21.30G

Within specific activities, 1.6G

Series numbering vs. subseries

Appearing only on CIP data sheets, 1.6

Appearing only on jackets, 1.6A2

Appearing only on labels or stamped in items, 1.6A2

Appearing only in publishers’ listings, 1.6A2

Consisting solely of corporate body names, 1.6

Consisting solely of initials, 1.6

Consisting solely of numbers and/or letters, 1.6

Containing words in old orthographies, 25.3A

Initial articles, 1.0, 21.30L

Phrases rejected as series, 1.6A2

Prefaces as sources, 1.6A2

Related series, 21.30G

Section titles without titles common to all sections, 1.6B

Sources, 1.6A2

Spacing and punctuation, 1.0C

Statements of responsibility, 1.6E1

Supplements in series statements, 25.5B

Series statements

More than one, 1.6J

Single statement encompassing more than one series, 1.6B, 21.30L

Series statements vs. headings for series

Added entry guidelines, 21.30L

Series title pages (definition), 12.0B1

Series titles

see also Uniform titles (serials/series)

Appearing in some parts of items classed as a collection, 1.6B

Appearing in two or more languages, 1.6B

Changes or variations, 21.2C

Consisting solely of corporate body names or initials, 1.6, 25.5B

Embedded in other text, 1.6B

Letter(s) at the end of the title proper, 1.6B

Numbering grammatically integrated with title proper, 25.5B

Section titles without titles common to all sections, 1.6B

Series titles or phrases?, 1.6

Series titles grammatically connected to title of item, 1.6

Series titles (variant forms)

Languages, 1.6C

Lecture series, 1.6

References on authority records, 26.5A

Serials, 21.2C

Series tracings, see Series added entries

Series uniform titles, see Uniform titles (serials/series)

Service stations, 24.1

Sets, see Multipart items


Ambiguous headings, 24.1

Forms of name, 24.4B

Shipyards, 24.1

Signature dates on U.S. Congressional documents, 1.4F2

Sign languages notes, 1.7B2

Signs and symbols, 1.0E

Simple added entries, see Related work added entries

Single works vs. collections, 25.1

Sizes, see Dimensions

[S.n.] (nonroman script languages), 1.4D6

Software, see Electronic resources, Uniform titles

Somalian personal names, 22.8

Sound recordings

Added entries, see Added entries

Authors’/performers’ names preceding individual titles, 6.1B1

Analytical added entries, 21.7B-C

Analytical added entries (excerpts from single works), 25.34

Analytical added entries (not yet complete collections of works by one composer), 25.34

Analytical added entries (omission for non-classical collections), 25.34

Analytical added entries (pop, folk, ethnic, jazz collections), 25.34

Collections (without collective titles - two or more composers), 21.7C

Copyright dates ("c" vs. "p"), 1.4F5, 6.4F1

Descriptions as units when lacking collective titles, 6.1G1

Distributors, 6.4D1

Durations, see Durations

Main entries (collections containing three-five works by one composer), 25.34

Matrix numbers, 6.7B19

Phonogram copyright dates, 1.4F5

Principal performers (main entries), 21.23C

Publishers’ numbers (location of notes), 6.7B19

Publishers’ numbers (sets or individual discs), 6.7B19

Publishers’ numbers (transcription), 6.7B19

Recording and reproduction characteristics (optional transcription in physical description areas), 6.5C8

Specific material designations, 6.5B1

Statements of responsibility (transcription of performers when participation goes beyond performance, execution, interpretation), 6.1F1

Uniform titles (collective - three-five works of one composer), 25.34

Soviet bloc countries "stamps of approval," 24.17

Space vehicles, 24.1

Spacing conventions

Abbreviations, 1.0C

Access areas, 1.0C

Bibliographic descriptions, 1.0C

Corporate names, 24.1

Following periods, 1.0C

Initials, initialisms, and acronyms, 1.0C

Initials in corporate names, 24.1

Non-access areas, 1.0C

Personal names, 1.0C, 22.1B

Personal names containing abbreviations or lacking forenames, etc., 22.1B

Personal names containing initials, etc., 22.1B

Personal names entered under elements following prefixes, 22.1B

Title information of items lacking collective titles, 1.1G3

Special letters, 1.0E

Special numbers to serials

Added entries, 21.30G

Specific material designations

Graphic materials, 8.5B1

Sound recordings, 6.5B1

Updating loose-leafs, 12.5B1

Spelling conventions (notes composed by catalogers), 1.7A3

Spirits (forms of name and qualifiers), 22.14

Sporting events, 24.7

Sports teams, 24.4B

"Stamps of approval" (Soviet bloc countries), 24.17

Stamps or labels

Publication information, 1.4A2, 1.4D4

Series statements, 1.6A2

Standard numbers

see also primarily ISBNs


Items with several numbers, 1.8B2, 12.8B1

Qualifiers, 1.8B2

Statements of responsibility

Edition statements, see Edition statements

First words of titles proper (title added entries), 21.30J

First words of titles proper (uniform titles needed), 25.3B

Formal contents notes, 2.7B18

Functions to include/exclude, 1.1F1

Guidelines, 1.1F1

Musical presentation statements, 5.2B1

Performers (participation goes beyond performance, execution, interpretation), 6.1F1

Phrases on title pages referring to appendices, subsidiary texts, etc., 1.1E

Multiple corporate bodies with hierarchy (ambiguities), 1.1F4

Series statements, 1.6E1

Single subsequent statements applying to several titles, 1.1G3

Sound recordings, 6.1B1

Transcriptions (partial repetition in multiple languages), 5.1B1

Statements of responsibility vs. titles proper, 6.1B1

States, provinces, etc., as qualifiers, 23.4C

Stores, Retail, 24.1

Strokes below letters, 1.0E

Studies (Research projects), 24.1

Subordinate bodies

see also Corporate names

Corporate names entered subordinately

Subordinate bodies vs. parent bodies (responsibility for works), 21.1B2

Subscript characters, 1.0E

Subscript periods, 1.0E

Subsequent edition statements, see Edition statements

Subseries/second series

Applicability, 1.6H

Chief source for series-subseries, 1.6A2

Guidelines, 1.6H

ISSN for main series only, 1.6H7

Main series/subseries appearing in same source, 1.6H

Parallel titles, 1.6H6

Section titles without titles common to all sections, 1.6B

Section titles without titles common to all sections (punctuation), 1.6B

Title change, 1.6H

Subtitles, see Other title information

Successive entries, 21.3B, 25.5B

see also Monographic series


Almanacs (U.S.), 17th-19th century, 21.2C

Session laws, 21.2C


Notes, 1.7B2, 2.7B18, 12.7B18

Notes (LC overseas offices), 2.7B17, 12.7B18

Superscript characters, 1.0E

Series numbering, 1.6G

Superscript periods, 1.0E

Supplementary materials, see Accompanying materials

Supplements to series/serials

Recording, 1.5E1, 21.30G

Section titles (uniform titles), 25.5B

Treatment, 21.30G


see also Personal names

Corporate names, 24.4B


Corporate names, 24.1

Publication, distribution, etc., areas information, 1.4A2

Title page transcriptions, 1.0E

Titles proper (access instructions), 21.30J

See also: