0C1. With the exception noted in 0B2, the chief source of information for a publication is the latest title page, or, if there is no title page, the source from within the publication that is used as a substitute for it. If information traditionally given on the title page is given on two facing pages or on pages on successive leaves, with or without repetition, treat these pages as the title page.

0C2. If the publication has more than one title page, choose one as the basis of the description according to the following guidelines, applying the first applicable criterion.

If the title pages present the publication in different aspect (e.g. as an individual item and as part of a multi part item), prefer the one that corresponds to the aspect in which the publication is to be treated.

If the publication is in more than one volume each of which has a title page that, with the exception of date of publication, reflects the latest information.

If the publication has title pages in more than one language or script, choose the title page that is in the language or script of the main part of the publication

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