In the following areas, give information transcribed from the publication itself in the language and script (wherever practicable) in which it appears there:

Title and statement of responsibility


Publication, distribution, etc.


Replace symbols or other matter that cannot be reproduced by the typographical facilities available (2) with a cataloger’s description in square brackets. Make an explanatory note if necessary.

In general, give interpolations into these areas in the language and script of the other data in the area. Exceptions to this are:

prescribed interpolations and abbreviations;

other forms of the place of publication (see 4C);

statements of function of the publisher, distributor, etc. (see 4E).

If other data in these areas are Romanized, give interpolations according to the same Romanization.

Give any other element (other than titles and quotations in notes) in the language of the cataloging agency.

See also:

0. General Rules