[PREAMBLE. Services/reporters comprising several component parts, often in the combination of looseleaf and bound volumes, present and special problem in cataloging, for which there is no ideal solution.

A single bibliographic record representing all the component parts is advantageous to an institution that acquires the set as a whole (and certainly to its patrons who use the component parts in combination and are thus greatly accommodated by a single classification and the proximity of all parts on the shelf).

On the other hand, because such publications are often also sold as separate parts or in many different combination arrangements, a bibliographic record representing all the component parts is cumbersome to an institution that acquires a single part or a combination of parts but not all the parts. A bibliographic record for one institution’s institutional selective parts often will not agree with that of another institution.

A third possibility, the cataloging of each component part as a distinct bibliographic unit classified in its own right negates the very purpose of a looseleaf publication -- to make it possible for a researcher to locate relevant material on a given topic, primary and secondary, in a single source.]

Make a note of the sections of a publication issued in several component parts. Give the volume designation that is found on the section, if one has been used. List component parts in detail sufficient for identification. Optionally, add numeric or chronological designations to parts so identified. See also 7B20.

11C1. Example

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11C . Note Area