11C2.1. Bulletins, newsletters, etc.

[PREAMBLE. Latest developments in a particular field are often reported and analyzed in special sections of a looseleaf. They are typically called bulletin, newsletter, report bulletin, report, etc., and are for the most part indexed in the looseleaf. They carry, also typically, a numeric or chronological designation of their own. Information of permanent value from these is often later included in the main text and old issues are periodically discarded or transferred, depending on an institution’s policy.

Including information regarding the existence of such a section (and giving an appropriate access point) is considered desirable for the following reasons:

it helps the patron who, because of the separate numbering system, might not be aware that it constitutes an integral section of the looseleaf (for the most part one of several sections within a binder) and look for it as a separate entity; an

it eliminates the possibility of an institution’s handling the material both as a section of the looseleaf and as an independent entity.

Make a note of the inclusion of any separately numbered and separately titled sections. Give an appropriate added entry (entries) to provide access to the special material.

11C2.1. Example

Alternately, institutions that retain this type of material on a permanent basis may want to prepare a separate bibliographic record.

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