[PREAMBLE. There are three possible methods of cataloging looseleaf publications from which material of a permanent nature (e.g., court decisions) is transferred:

1) Preparing one bibliographic record for the looseleaf as a whole, bringing out the inclusion of transfer material in a note, and if the transfer section has a title of its own (or if the transferred section acquires a title of its own in its transferred/bound stage), providing additional access by means of an added entry.

2) Preparing one bibliographic record for the looseleaf, preparing a second for the transfer material.

3) Preparing a bibliographic record for the transfer material as a serial, considering the looseleaf material to constitute " accompanying material."

The Library of Congress has rejected the third method, considering it to be a bibliographically unsatisfactory one. In the majority of cases it now opts for the first of the three methods on the premise that users of the material are better served if the material is classified together and thereby in close proximity and available as a complete research tool on a given topic. The main drawback of this method is that a library’s holdings of the transfer material cannot be shown in the traditional location. The Library of Congress records the holdings of transfer volumes in the shelflist only. Alternately, a note regarding local holdings may be given by institutions which want to use the bibliographic record as a check-in record.]

Make a note of the inclusion of any material of permanent value or of section(s) later transferred.

Material of permanent value is removed periodically and bound in separate volumes

Material of permanent value is transferred from time to time to storage binders

Prebound, separately numbered volumes with title Administrative law decision, containing reports of decisions in the section entitled Administrative law decisions

Alternately, prepare a separate bibliographic record for material transferred.

Environment reporter. Cases.

Suggested note: The volumes replace the opinions published in looseleaf format in the "Decisions" binder of Environment reporter

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