2B1. Transcribe the edition statement as found on the publication. Use standard abbreviations (see AACR 2, 1988 revision, appendix B) and numerals in place of words (see AACR 2, 1988 revision, appendix C).

2B1. Example 1

However, if the edition statement includes a statement of currency of content, omit this information and replace it by the mark of omission. In addition, make a note regarding the omission.

2B1. Example 2

2B2. If the edition statement consists solely or chiefly of characters that are neither numeric nor alphabetic, give the statement in words in the language or script of the title proper and enclose them in square brackets.

2B2. Example

2B3. In case of doubt about whether a statement is an edition statement, take the presence of such words as ‘edition’ or revision’ (or their equivalents in other languages) as evidence that such a statement is an edition statement, and transcribe it as such.

2B3. Example

2B4. Gradual replacement edition/Replacement title page issued with a new edition statement

If the publication is one for which the changeover to a new edition is a gradual one (see 2. Preamble), update the edition statement, using as the source the statement given on the latest replacement title page or its substitute. Add an appropriate explanatory note.

2B4. Example

Alternately, if the changes are frequent, omit the edition statement and give the information in a note instead (see 7B7).

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