4EOptional addition. Statement of function of publisher, distributor, etc.

4E1. Add to the name of a publisher, distributor, etc., one of the terms below:




the phrase naming the publisher, distributor, etc., includes words that indicate the function performed by the person(s) or body (bodies) named, or

the function of the publishing, distributing, etc., agency is clear from the context.

Apply the rule when there are two entities names, one for publishing and the other for distributing, but the distributing entity’s name does not convey an indication of this function. Apply it also when a single entity is named, it is known that this entity performed only a distributing function, and its name does not indicate this function. Do not apply it in other cases.

If the phrase indicating the function of distribution is simple, e.g., "for sale by," record it as it appears. For complex statements from which a succinct phrase cannot conveniently be taken, substitute the word "distributor", in square brackets, as a qualification to the body’s name.

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