Give ill. for an illustrated publication unless the illustrations are all of one or more of the particular types mentioned in the next paragraph (12). Tables, etc., containing only words and/or numbers are not illustrations. Disregard illustrated title pages and minor illustrations.

5C. Example 1

If the illustrations are of one or more of the following types, and are considered to be important, give the appropriate term or abbreviation (in this order): facsimiles, forms, genealogical tables, maps, music, plans, portraits, samples. If only some of the illustrations belong to these types, give the abbreviation ill. first. Designate all other types as ill.

5C. Example 2

Describe colored illustrations (i.e., those in two or more colors) as such.

5C. Example 3

Do not specify the number of illustrations.

If only the publication consists predominantly of illustrations, use the term chiefly ill. If those illustrations are all of one type, use chiefly followed by the name of the type.

5C. Example 4

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