When the binder is one supplied by the publisher, measure the height of the binder. When a looseleaf is received and cataloged without a publisher’s binder, measure the height of the publication itself, not the binder supplied by a particular cataloging agency.

Give the height of a publication (based on the copy in hand) in centimeters, counting a fraction of a centimeter as a full centimeter (e.g., when a publication measures 24.1 centimeters, record it as 25 cm.).

If the width of a volume is greater than the height or less than half the height, give the height and the width separated by a multiplication sign.

5D. Example 1

If the volumes of a multivolume publication, including those with transfer or expanded volumes, or services, including subservice sets, differ in height, give the smallest or smaller and the largest or larger size, separated by a hyphen.

5D. Example 2

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