5E1. Give details of accompanying material in one of the following ways:

make a separate entry or

make note (see 7B11) or

give number of physical units in Arabic numerals and the name of the accompanying material (using, when appropriate, a specific material designation) at the end of the physical description.

1 v. (looseleaf) ; 26 cm. + 1 computer disk

5E2. Accompanying software material

Record the extent of a computer file issued on a physical carrier by giving the number and kind of physical carrier. Use Arabic numerals and one of the following terms:

computer cartridge

computer cassette

computer disk

computer reel

If none of these terms is appropriate for designating the physical carrier, give the specific name as concisely as possible, preferably qualified by the word "computer."

Indicate the type of physical medium of the carrier if this information is readily available and desired.

1 computer chip cartridge

2 computer tape cassettes

1 laser optical disk

3 computer tape reels.

If the file is encoded for sound or color, give the abbreviations sd. and col. If the carrier is a disk, show the size of the disk by the diameter in inches to the next ¼ inch. If the carrier is a cartridge, measure the length of the side of the cartridge that is to be inserted into the computer. Give the length of this side in inches to the next 1/8 inch up (this applies to both standard and nonstandard size cassettes). If the carrier is a reel, do not give the size. For physical carriers that are newly developed, give the size in centimeters to the next whole centimeter up.

2 v. (looseleaf) ; 26 cm. + 10 computer disks (col. ; 3½ in.)

Give pertinent information about the equipment on which the file runs in a note (see 7B11), unless the information is already given in the physical description.

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