6H1. If a publication is one of a subseries (15) and both the series and the subseries are named in the item, give the details of the main series (see 6A-6G) first and follow them with the name of the subseries and the details of that subseries (16).

6H2. If the subseries has an alphabetic or numeric designation and no title, give the designation. If such a series has a title as well as a designation, give the title after the designation.

6H2. Example

6H3. Give parallel titles, other title information, and statements of responsibility relating to subseries as instructed in 6C, 6D, and 6E.

6H4. Give the ISSN of a subseries if it appears in the publication being described; in such a case, omit the ISSN of the main series.

6H4. Example

6H5. Give the numbering within a subseries as instructed in 6G

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